Unternehmensgesetzbuch (UGB) - Corporate Code

As of January 1, 2005 both the Austrian Commercial Code (HGB) and the Trade Law Amendment Act, were amended to allow for more rights to the consumer. Under the Consumer Protection Act, the term merchant was replaced extensively with the word entreprenuer.


One reason for this is that, the Austrian Commercial Code was Germanized during the time of annexation, and the old roman law upon which the Austrian law was based, diverged from Austrian civil law. Changes have been made since then to bring the civil law and common law both more in line with the old roman law.




The Corporate Code is divided into five books:


Book I book ( § § 1 et seq to § 58 UGB) :


General Provisions


Terms And Scope


Company Registration




Corporate Transfer  Power Of Attorney


Power Of Attorney


Book II (§ § 105 to § 188 et seq UGB) :


Open Society (OG )


Limited partnership ( KG )


Silent partnership (stG )


Book III (§ § 189 to § 283 et seq UGB) :




Book IV(§ § 343 to § 454 et seq UGB) :


 Business-related businesses (such as freight forwarding , etc. )


Book V (§ § 474 to § 905 et seq UGB) :


Maritime trade