The process of developing strategy for a business by researching the business and the environment in which it operates.


Values: What is our mission? What is our scope? What do we value? These questions are critical for understanding the overall strategy of an organization.


Opportunities: What does the market demand? Who else, if anyone, offers this value proposition? A strategist requires clear thinking about the economic, technological and societal environment in which the organization operates.


Capabilities: What are our strengths? Where might we have a competitive advantage? The strategist requires a clear picture of what makes the organization distinctive and a sense of the organization’s ability to marshal resources and leverage capabilities toward desired organizational objectives.


Ebene 1:

  • Umwelt des Analyeobjekts:
    • Branchenstruktur
    • wichtigste Wettbewerber
    • Marktvolumen
    • Marktwachstum
  • Analyseobjekt:
    • Strategie der Differenzierung, oder
    • Kostenführerschaft
    • relative Wettbewerbsposition
    • Wettbewerbsvorteile

Ebene 2:

  • Wettbewerbsintensität:
    • Branchenattraktivität
    • Branchenrendite
    • Nachhaltigkeit eines Wettbewerbsvorteils
  • Marktanteil
  • Umsatzwachstum
  • Preise
  • Kostensituation


Ebene 3:

  • Kosten des Eigen- und Fremdkapitals
  • Dauer eines Wettbewerbsorteils
  • Umsatz
  • Umsatzwachstum
  • Überschussmarge